The extras you need to complete Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Do you wish the Dynamics 365 Business Central went that bit further and did that bit more? Ever catch yourself thinking that this takes too long or that I can’t be the only person who needs it to do this?

Clever Dynamics have used their hundreds of years of frontline user experience to take it to the next level and fill the gaps left by Microsoft. Available as individual solutions, Clever Essentials combines the Apps that most Dynamics 365 Business Central users will find invaluable, into one easy to purchase set.

Working across the application, it makes entering, finding, storing, sending and printing information, easier and quicker. Then to top it off, it adds the credit rules you need to take the risk out of your customer accounts.

With users being productive and data more accurate, we’re not sure how any organisation using Dynamics 365 Business Central does without it.


Our tailor-made solution for you

Yes, that’s right, we have created the ideal solution for you! Clever Essentials is a handy collection of six apps all rolled up into one! What’s not to like?

Please note, for Clever Credit, when sold as part of Clever Essentials, you will receive one Credit Controller license only. For licensing additional Credit Controllers, get in touch.

Want to get started with Clever Essentials?

No need to splash the cash, why not trial our Clever Essentials collection for 30 days – no obligations, no risk!