Our Clever WMS Collection

Warehouse Management Apps for Business Central

Do you need a more accurate and efficient warehouse? Clever WMS and it’s collection of apps gives you this, all with minimum effort!

Clever WMS combines all five of our best in class warehousing apps; Clever WMS Devices, Clever WMS Containers, Clever WMS Plus, Clever Shipment Management and Clever Shipping Agent.

They work together to extend your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and improves all aspects of your distribution environment. Automatically apply logic to maximise capacity, give real-time insights to everyone that needs it, get up to the minute stock updates, manage all consignments; own and third party in one place and perform inventory checks as you pick it.

Find out about more about the individual apps below.


Clever Payment Gateway

  • Easily take card payments
  • Recurring & scheduled payments
  • Works with OPayo & Stripe

Clever Shipment Management

  • Intelligent Loading & Shipping
  • Capacity Routing
  • Pick & Load Instructions

Clever Shipping Agent Integration

  • Quickly Access Shipping Details
  • Accurate Order Fulfilment
  • Track Shipments Easier

Clever WMS Containers

  • Process multiple items all at once
  • Easily rotate stock
  • Seamlessly track containers

Clever WMS Devices

  • Real-time Data on the Move
  • Improve Pick Rates
  • Hands-free Operations

Clever WMS Plus

  • Extra rules & logic
  • Reduce pick errors
  • Re-prioritise warehouse operations