Do you struggle with accurate inventory?

Clever Handheld for Warehousing makes booking transactions in Dynamics 365 Business Central as they happen, quick and accurate.

What’s in your warehouse is immediately reflected on the computer screen, handling all main warehouse processes for every type of inventory transaction from receipts and put-aways through to replenishment, picking and shipping.


Is keeping track of the location of your inventory a constant struggle? Is the location (zones and bins) of your stock not accurately reflected in Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Are you always in doubt because you never know if there are unregistered transactions still out there? Have you struggled to get process followed because the perception is that it wrong anyway, so it doesn’t matter?

You need the transformation that Clever Handheld for Warehousing brings. Make every transaction so quick and easy that your people will want to work that way. Get perfect accuracy with faster pick and put-away rates because suddenly everyone sees the vision you have. When it physically moves its instantly reflected on Business Central for every type of inventory transaction.

That means you can do physical inventory counts whenever you want to, even as part of another transaction while you’re at that bin anyway. Not that you’ll need to of course, will each move accurately done, what’s the need?

Every Second Counts

In today’s instant world, your cut off are getting later but your expected delivery is sooner. That means you have to work smart with minimum travel and no delays. You need to turn that inventory round and get it where it needs to be with minimum time and effort.

Clever Handheld provides the level of automation that ensures the right people are working on it as soon as its possible and you’ve got the best chance of success.

Getting and completing those processes faster and not being held up by inaccuracy means your volumes can increase and services standard improve. Those impossible requests are suddenly possible again.

Your warehouse staff will love it, who doesn’t want to travel less and still finish quicker? No more going to a screen or printer to find out what to do next, no more blame for getting it wrong when the pressure was on. Everything they need is done on the move with the system watching their back to make sure they get it right.


No major project - start today

Clever Handheld for Warehousing is a modern extension that can be installed and configured in minutes.

Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind it uses familiar touchscreen techniques that even glove wearing staff in dark warehousing will find easy. The consistent easy visuals mean no long training courses, five minutes after you start, they will be standalone proficient.

You get reporting on what they’ve done as well as what they still must do. Assign tasks to individuals or groups and prioritise what you need done next. Confidence that the data is accurate, and you know the requirement instantly means you left to do rather than confirm.

That accuracy means you can have confidence in what others both inside and external to your business can see. That leads to less emails and phone calls ‘just to check’. Discrepancies are identified and resolved as soon as they appear breeding a culture of accuracy across your organisation.

No major project, start today

Help ease the drudgery of manual and paper based tasks in your warehouse operations with Clever Handheld for Warehousing for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Real-Time & On the Move

Transactions are posted instantaneously through the handheld devices giving your sales team real time stock availability to work with when putting on the Sales documents.

Paperless Operations

Say goodbye to waiting for paper or walking to a screen, get a complete audit of who and when

Reduce Errors

Full validation of all data as it input, no more scribbles you can’t read.

Intelligent Picks

Organise your operators better with features such as directed picks resulting in more efficient working practices

Enforce correct processes

Drive the right priorities to the right people as soon as they are needed

Quick Installation

Default configuration setup lets you start using it in any of your locations in minutes.


Configure what information to capture or display.

Managing Roles

Minimise or maximise a warehouse employee’s tasks with Menu settings and Device Functions.

Blind Stock Take

Manage the accuracy of stock takes by making sure users can’t see the stock which ‘should be there’ compared to what ‘is actually there’.

Optimising Process

Make every process fast and easy from Receipts to Shipment.

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