Bringing voice recognition services to your warehouse

Bringing voice recognition services to your warehouse

The latest version of our Clever Handheld for Warehousing app introduces speech recognition to your warehouse.

Speech-to-text allows you to use your voice to control transactions carried out in the warehouse. Say the quantity you’re picking as you’re doing it. Tell the device which bin you’re placing items into as you’re headed there. You can also set up the text-to-speech service and have the device speak to the warehouse user, telling them where to head next. By using the speech functionality, the warehouse user will spend less time looking at screens and inputting values on the device. Saving time with warehouse processes and keeping them moving.

You can enable this per device function, allowing you to choose which processes in your warehouse will benefit from speech services. Welcome more languages to your warehouse, with multilingual capabilities. You can set up speech recognition to be customised for each of your device users. They’ll be ready to work in their chosen language from the moment they log on to the device.

A voice prompt is a great way to request input from the device user. Also, use voice commands to inform them they have completed a transaction or direct them on what they need to do next. This can be customised to include words you think are key to the warehouse user for the processes they will complete. For example, through speech have the device prompt the user to pick a given Item No., with the Item Description as an extra aide for the user.

Working with either Azure or Google services, we’ve integrated with technologies created to give voice to our solution.