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Clever MES - App Update 1.4.0

Clever MES - App Update 1.4.0

We have recently updated our Clever MES app. It included some great new enhancements that are explained below, as always we fixed a few bugs we’d discovered along the way.


Clever Attributes 

Everyone wishes that you could display or collect values during manufacturing transactions, well that is just what Clever MES’s new integration with Clever Attributes allows you to do! This integration can be used to tell the operator precise information that helps them to make a specific specification, to collect quality data about the material, or from the machine - ensuring that the operation is done to the level required.  

The new functionality starts with having the capability to specify up to five attributes, similar to the ones you have in the base Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central application’s Item Attributes, against the routing lines for both routings and routing versions.  


For each routing line you get to define if the attribute and its value is just displayed. Entry is optional or mandatory and if it has to be entered every time an output is posted or will persist until a new value is entered.


These rules and values will then be utilised on Production Journal/Output Journal Lines when they are created for a Production Order. As you’d expect, at the point a Production Order is created/refreshed, the Attribute Values and Attribute Posting Rules defined against the Routing (see below) being used will be copied across onto the Production Order Routing Lines.


These rules are also enforced via MES’s web interface so that the information is displayed or captured at the point where any operation is outputted. This is done via a couple of efficient and accurate touch screen taps.


The values displayed or entered here will also be copied across to any Output/Production Journal Lines which are created for the Production Order. They end up against both item ledger entries (for the last operation) or capacity journal lines so enabling reporting, item selection, etc.

The Clever MES portal functionality has been also been extended to support serial number tracking when outputting and consuming items as part of the production process, allowing you to really keep an eye on your inventory.

From user feedback, we have now included support for 50 character lot numbers within the latest version of the app and the standard BC error messaging has been extended to include Product Numbers.

Bug fix:

The issues around “Qty available to start” for parallel routings on the MES portal have now been fixed meaning you can carry out two operations at the same time.

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