Get your master data correct, right from the start

Are you constantly frustrated by errors or incorrect results due to missing or inconsistent data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Are your colleagues dependent on you to tell them what data they need to enter? Are transactions taking longer because of data issues every step of the way?


It’s all about the data

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an integrated comprehensive company-wide system, that’s why you bought it. That means to work effectively it needs comprehensive and company-wide accurate data that everyone can trust.

Achieving that objective is not an easy task. There are over thirteen hundred tables containing nearly thirty thousand individual fields in Dynamics 365 Business Central so even an expert can struggle to remember which you need to complete for each task.

Ensuring all mandatory fields are filled in correctly by your team each and every time they input new master data can be a big task for any organisation – but a necessary one as your data is everything.

Accurate Master Data with Clever Data Validation

With Clever Data Validation you will have the ability to quickly specify templates for each master data entity (such as customer, vendors, items or resources) to prevent simple, avoidable errors in setting up master data in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Data Validation Templates makes the manual process much easier and simpler, providing a safety net for entering master data which can be applied to any table in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

You can control every aspect of the validations template, from the specific fields it validates in a table through to the displayed error message; so your staff will always understand why information has not been accepted and how to revolve it; such as setting "a must have" credit limit for every customer or a vendor in GB should always have a VAT Bus. Posting Group of DOMESTIC.


Data integrity every step of the way

The Clever Data Validation templates specify what data is mandatory for each entity. Then when new customers, suppliers, items and resources are added, Clever Data Validation highlights if any required data is missing or invalid.

Going further it also allows you to:

Highlight Incorrect Data Combinations

Highlight incorrect data combinations; for example, if an export customer is pointing to a domestic posting group

Data Templates

Run the data templates(s) against a particular record or for all the records in a particular table – giving a list of errors with easy to understand messages so the user can resolve the issue.

Easily Identify Records With Data Issues

Easily identify other records with data issues – every time you identify new missing or incorrect data. You can quickly define a new/updated data validation template, find all the other records with those issues and make sure they never occur again

Improve User Confidence

Ensure your users are confident that they have entered everything correctly, speeding up operations and massively improving user satisfaction

Utilise Workflows

Link the data validation to the workflow functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central e.g. automatically validate a customer record when it is modified.

Accurate data improves business performance

Put simply, data is used to provide insight. Businesses, when armed with this, are able to improve the everyday decisions they make. This isn’t just for management, either – it applies from the ground up.

Install and use Clever Data Validation today to revolutionise your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Experience.

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