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How do you find a customer, vendor or contact, for instance, when you only have an email address or phone number? Or what do you do, when you don’t know, if the phone number is a contact’s phone number or mobile phone number?

Invoke Clever Global Search and enter the search term you want to find, that can be a complete or partial name, phone number, postcode, item description, code or anything else you want.

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Clever Global Search allows you to easily find records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

With Clever Global Search, you have a simple page within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to search across multiple tables. On a single screen you can see the information that is important to you for each entity.

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Clever Global Search enables you to search for anything in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With standard functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central, you must go into the different pages and search for the different fields individually. With Clever Global Search, you enter the search information and get all results in one list that can also access the result details.

Clever Global Search will instantly return a list across multiple tables of records where that phrase or combination of phrases occurs.

It ranks in terms of priority so that records which have more ‘hits’ for the search term appear first.

Once you’ve found that data, we help you comply with GDPR by adding the capability to obfuscate that data, replacing it with a number series code.

You can still satisfy your audit responsibilities, as we maintain one table which relates the number series code back to its original value.

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Clever Global Search for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central gives your company the improved visibility and scheduling it needs!

Fast searching and easy navigation will make this one of the most valuable screens in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

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