Control and monitor your production areas efficiently in real-time.

Issuing masses of paper and waiting for its return doesn’t work in today’s instant answer world. Clever Dynamics Manufacturing Execution System (MES) lets you use the low-cost touchscreen tablets to not just understand what’s happened but control what happens next.

Using web technology to deliver all the information the operative needs then collect and check their input in real time back into your Dynamics 365 Business Central system.


Designed with simplicity and flexibility, Clever MES uses a touch interface and intuitive visuals so your people require next to no training.

Yet they are only a single click away from getting all the up to date drawings, specifications or instructions they need from your central library.

You get the data you need to make the right decisions. See the actual times broken down setup, run and stop times complete with reasons. Know who worked on what and how they perform compared to their colleagues. Know when any operation is not going to plan when it’s happening rather than days later.

Work faster with better production insights

Clever MES adds a myriad of functions into your production areas in your business.

Ready to Start

Know what operations and quantities are ‘Ready to start’.

Control Operations

Control the sequence of operations at each machine or let them select from a list.

Detailed Logs

Record actual times against setup, run and stop reasons.

Operator & Machine Logs

Record which operators worked at which machine centres and on what.

Material Logs

Record output and scrap for each operation as it happens.

Consumption Logs

Log consumption of material including serial and lot tracked items.

Operator Acknowledgement

Show and get acknowledgement of messages by the operative against individual operations.

Customisable Data Collection

Collect defined information – for example quality measurements.

Easy Access to Documentation/Guides

Provide single click links to documentation for example work instructions or drawings.


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