Would your sales benefit from having more flexibility around pricing and promotions?

Give your business the flexibility to define promotions on your products and create reusable promotion codes for time-limited offers.

We provide a quick and easy environment to manage upselling and encourage customers to keep coming back.

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Be More Flexible

Single SKU quantity breaks just don’t cut it. You need the ability to include an item on more than promotion item group.

Clever Promotions from Clever Dynamics removes some of the manual tasks from your sales team by automatically applying promotions to sales orders. You can define your offers, the customers to which they apply, criteria that must be met to qualify and the benefits that are applied with the promotion.

Give your sales team the tool they need to not just match the market but innovate with their pricing and promotions while keeping your administration fast and accurate.

Remove the restrictions

Clever Promotions solves all those issues and more.

Using our promotion wizard (Assisted Setup), you can first define the incentive that makes the most sense for either a single customer, a group of customers or all your customers for a defined period.

Then define what they need to do to qualify – for example:

  • A certain quantity across a group of products
  • A minimum spends on a item or group of items
  • items on an order that has a promotion code entered

Finally, you enter the benefit they will get, which might be a better price or free of charge product.

Sit back and relax
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Tailored perfectly to your business operations

Clever Promotions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central gives your company the tools to effectively manage your promotions.

The installation of Clever Promotions is straightforward and completed within a matter of minutes. The flexibility to easily identify which Sales Documents have been applied to which promotions provides customer satisfaction every time.

Try it out todays and see the difference Clever Promotions can make to your competitiveness and efficiency.

No major project, start today

Easily define promotions on your products for time-limited offers in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Automate Promotions

Easily automate the promotions your sales team need.

Flexible Promotion Types

Match retail like flexibility with just some examples being

  • Buy item X and get Item Y free or at a discount
  • Buy five in item promotion group X and get cheapest free
  • 5% extra discount if you buy 10 items from item group X on one order
  • First time you buy X we’ll give you 50% off (the first one only)
  • Spend over £500 on items in item group X and get promo item Y free.

Manage Promotion Codes

View which promotions codes have been used, as well as which sales documents they have been applied to.

Multiple Promotions

Give your customers the opportunity to be eligible for more than one promotion with one transaction.

Faster Sales Order Process

Notify users of promotions for which the customer is eligible - encouraging upselling and cross selling.

Conditional Promotions

Vary the types of promotions your business supports - Buy any item within a group of items and get another item free or if your order value hits a certain value get 5% off the whole order.

Better Visibility

Promotion FactBoxes notifying users of other promotions a customer is eligible for and upselling.

Track Promotion Effectiveness

Monitor how many times a promotion has been applied to a sales document.

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