Are your logistics struggling to cope with your success?

Can they keep track and process everything on time due to the increase in the orders you need to ship?

Clever Shipment Management streamlines the delivery of your goods in conjunction with your own courier services in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Allow your warehouse and logistics teams to easily manage and group delivery routes together per delivery area in a structured way to ensure on-time and in full deliveries.

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Avoid the Jam

Your warehouse plays a critical role in your customer service and ensuring they get their deliveries on time while minimizing your costs, is a must for any distribution.

Clever Shipment Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central streamlines shipping your products by working out the best way to dispatch, then managing the whole process via a single easy to understand screen.

Tackle poor route management...

Using the weight, volume and even value of the shipment, it looks at the country and postcode area for the delivery combined with the date it needs to be delivered and determines the best way for it to be shipped.

Using third party couriers? Clever Shipment Management knows who you need to use, to ship these items, to this area for this due date. If you have your own vehicle it suggests which one it needs to go on and when.

You can seamlessly enforce any checks needed to make sure every shipment is not just fully optimized but 100% correct.

If you want your warehouse shipment process to be as fast and organized as possible you need Clever Shipment Management.

Sit back and relax
Know it has made it to the right inbox

Last minute movements of a drop require very little disruption

Configure a default route for specific delivery areas and move the order of drops within a route, or from one route to another and onto a different delivery area for prioritised drops.

Use the app to create your picks, consolidated shipments, post & invoice for a whole route from a central information screen.

No major project, start today

Help streamline the delivery of your goods in conjunction with your own courier services in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Intelligent shipping routes

Instantly and intelligently recommend the optimum shipping route based on definable delivery area, for the same day.

Shipping capacity routing

Understand where you’re close to capacity and where you need alternatives as early as it is possible to know. Move the right shipments to alternatives when you still have the option at a sensible cost.

Process customization

Define each required process for different shipping agents such as collections, couriers, general haulage or your own fleet.

Easy processing

Check and process each group of shipments with a single action. For instance, review, generate shipments and then create and print.

Clear shipment progress views

A single screen shows you all the sets of shipments due out, their current status and how many picks or shipments are outstanding to register or post.

Optimized loading

Enforce the correct sequence where it’s needed, load your truck in reverse drop order so that it’s easy for the driver.

No collations needed

Produce the paperwork be it full delivery notes and/or a manifest with no collation needed.

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