Do you need to make interactions with your customers, vendors, or 3PLs easier?

With its integrated end-to-end solution, Clever EDI makes electronic trading an advantage for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users rather than a hindrance.

Replacing complexity with simplicity, it’s provides a managed service from a single source that lets you use the Dynamics 365 Business Central transactions you’re familiar with to exchange transactions with any of your customers, vendors or third-party logistics.

Sit back and relax

Don’t get left behind

Right now, you might regard EDI as a costly pain, but Clever EDI turns it into an advantage. Once your trading partners are configured, you’ll get the benefit of less or even no data entry and faster updates combined with total accuracy.

Clever Dynamics can evidence multiple Dynamics 365 Business Central users who have 50%+ of their sales orders arriving via EDI from dozens of customers.

Once you’ve experienced the ease with one customer, you’ll be pushing for more, their system directly to yours is the future business and Clever EDI lets you fast track to that utopia.

Manual intervention – a thing of the past

Clever EDI provides a common business language that facilities trading anywhere in the world. You also present yourself as a proactive partner that’s ahead of the game and makes life easier for your customers and vendors.

Fully integrated into Business Central, once configured it knows the EDI messages required so they just happen within seconds.

That means for instance, if a customer is set to receive their sales invoices via EDI, the system will recognize that when a new invoice is posted and instead of printing or emailing a PDF will send it out via the Clever EDI service.

That means that your customers system is getting a matching invoice typically within ten minutes of you posting it.

Sit back and relax
Know it has made it to the right inbox

Be confident in your EDI communications

Just in case Clever EDI have a Dynamics 365 Business Central independent web portal, where they can log in and review, you’re your pending and successful EDI transactions, and report on orders, invoices and any other frequently used documents. Not that clients need to use it but it’s just in case.

With Clever Dynamics managing the entire process from the Microsoft Azure platform for the message transportation to the message mapping as well as the integration into Dynamics 365 Business Central - you can be confident in your EDI communications.

No major project, start today

Help ease the drudgery of manual and paper based tasks in your back-office operations with Clever EDI for Dynamics 365 Business Central.


No chance of any more data entry errors, incorrect deliveries or time wasted reconciling transactions.


EDI messages are created as documents in Dynamics 365 Business Central just a few minutes after being sent. No mad rush to input before your cut-off times ever again.


Present yourself as a proactive partner that’s ahead of the game by exploiting our list of preconfigured trading partners across grocery, retail, wholesale, automotive and merchants to make yourself attractive for even the biggest organizations to deal with.


No more dealing with lots of different partners each with their own cost, Clever Dynamics gives you a single company to talk to for a competitive single fixed monthly subscription. No more worrying about Edifact, Tradacoms, iDocs, X12 or AS2, leave the technicalities to Clever Dynamics and focus on running your business.


A proven service that’s processed millions of transactions between hundreds of UK and international trading partners.


Automating paper-based tasks allows your staff to concentrate on higher-value tasks and provides them with the tools to be more productive.


Enables real-time visibility into transaction status. This in turn enables faster decision-making and improved responsiveness to the constant changing customer demands.

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